How to nail that awards submission


Previously, I covered all the reasons why putting your podcast in for an award is a great idea. If you haven't listened to that episode, check it out. Today, I'll share the tips and tricks for submitting your podcast for awards and things I think are important. Having had recent experience looking at some award submissions, these are the things that stand out for me.


1. Context

Consider how crucial it is for someone who has never listened to your podcast before and has no idea who you are or what your podcast is about. Think about what they need to understand the context of your podcast, its aims, objectives, and how it helps your audience. It's a great idea to include an introduction to one of your podcast episodes or the trailer. This helps the judge or listener understand what your podcast is all about.


2. Include Feedback

Incorporate feedback from listeners. Adding quotes from people who have listened to your podcast and found it helpful serves as social proof that your podcast is impactful and does what it claims. Include a couple of quotes from listeners about how your podcast has helped them or impacted their lives. This can enhance your award submission.


3. Maximise Word Count in Track Details

Make the most of your word count in the track details section. Many award submissions include a word count for you to pitch your podcast and explain why it deserves the award. If you need extra words, you can use the track details section to provide more information about each audio clip you're submitting. Include details about the speakers, why they're on the podcast, and how the content resonates with the audience. This helps the judge gain a better understanding of your podcast's goals.


4. Review Your Submission

Read your submission and listen to your audio multiple times. Also, have someone else read and listen to it for you. If it doesn't make sense to you, it won't make sense to the judge either. Check that you've included everything you need, especially the introduction or trailer clip. Ensure there are no errors or omissions. If in doubt, have someone else review it with fresh eyes. They should be able to understand what your podcast is about without even listening to the audio.


Good luck if you are submitting entries for awards this year. There are several awards open at the moment, including the Independent Podcast Awards and the International Women's Podcast Awards. Details for both are in the show notes. Remember, putting your podcast in for an award is a great exercise, even if you don't win. Being nominated is a bonus, so go ahead and do it. It's a really good idea!



Awards which are currently open:

PS if you need help telling your story check out ⁠the Everyday Storyteller⁠ podcast with Hilary Salzman, it really can help you.

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