Podcasts for individuals and SMEs

Launch, production and consultancy.


Podcasts for individuals and SMEs

Launch, production and consultancy.


There's an easier way to start and grow your podcast

We can help you launch and improve your show with a podcast audit, consultancy and training.

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Podcast Audit

Think there’s room for improvement with your show? Our podcast audit will review your show and provide you with a list of easy-to-implement recommendations.

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Podcast Consultancy

Work with us on a one-to-one basis to launch and grow your show.

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The Podcasting in 3 Easy Steps Podcast

with Julie-Anna Needham and Suzi Dale

We've spent years as radio and audio producers, creating award-winning podcasts.

Now we want to share what we’ve learned with you: to help you get your podcast off the ground and out to your audience.


In each short episode we’ll share three easy steps you can take to create and market an awesome podcast.

We’ll aim to take the mystery out of the process. If you’re someone who’s been put off by the tech or the skills involved…then this show is for you.


Hi, I'm Julie-Anna!

I set up Decibel Podcasts to help small business owners start their own podcast using easy tips and simple tech.

I’m a former radio, TV and business journalist who’s been making podcasts for the past 10 years.

I’ve helped plenty of big businesses launch their podcasts and won some awards. I’m now helping individuals and small businesses start their podcasts. 

Learn how to start your own podcast

Ready to use Pinterest to grow your podcast, attract the right listeners, and turn them into loyal fans?

Check out my free beginners guide where I'll share with the 5 steps to get up and running on Pinterest!

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