Why entering your podcast for an award is a good idea


Today, I want to chat with you about entering your podcast for an award. There are loads of reasons why entering a podcast for an award is a great idea. Let me talk you through a few of them today. (and check out our next episode for three tips on getting your podcast awarded.)

Reason 1: Recognition and Prestige

Winning an award or even being nominated brings recognition to the hard work that goes into creating a podcast. Awards are seen as a mark of excellence, boosting your credibility and standing within your community.

It's an opportunity to share your achievement in your marketing efforts, verifying that your podcast is worth listening to.

Reason 2: Increased Visibility

Entering your podcast for an award exposes your work, product, and business to a wider audience. Awards generate coverage, social media attention, and public interest, attracting potential new customers to your brand. It's an excellent marketing opportunity to promote yourself and your podcast.

Reason 3: Benchmarking and Feedback

The process of entering your podcast for an award encourages reflection on your podcast's performance and how it addresses your listeners' needs. It also benchmarks your podcast against others in your field, allowing you to evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement.

Feedback from judges or experts can provide valuable insights for further podcast development.

The benefits make it worthwhile

Entering your podcast for an award may require time and effort, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Seek support to review your entry and ensure it makes sense to both you and potential judges. Beyond the reasons mentioned, entering awards also offers networking opportunities, sets you apart from others, and contributes to personal development as a podcaster.

So, if you're considering entering an award this year, take the necessary steps to refine your submission and listen to your audio critically.

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