Step by Step to Podcast Launch

"I knew absolutely nothing about podcasting and was so overwhelmed with where to start it was stopping me diving in.
 This course was the perfect fit as it took me through the basics step by step and has given me a solid grounding in what I need to know."

Hannah Pearn, host of the 'Don't Tell Me To RELAX' fertility podcast (launched in January 2023)

Have you thought about starting a podcast for some time, but don’t really know where to begin? Perhaps you’ve been put off by the sound of your voice….or your lack of technical know-how?


Then you’re in the right place! From 16th May, we’ll be running ‘Step by Step to Podcast Launch 3’. This course will take you through each step of the process you need to get started with your own podcast. We’ll help you develop your voice and your confidence. We’ll keep things simple. We won’t baffle you with complicated terms or technology.


Over six weeks, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Understanding your niche 
  • Identifying your audience
  • Simple formats and scripts
  • Duration and frequency
  • Choosing a name
  • Equipment for all budgets
  • How to record at home
  • Presenting basics
  • Remote recording
  • Editing basics (and where to find affordable support)
  • Finding royalty-free music
  • Creating simple artwork
  • Hosting platforms and how to create one
  • Uploading your podcast
  • Getting your podcast on Apple, Spotify & Google
  • Marketing your show

The course will consist of one live workshop each Tuesday at 10 am on Zoom and a drop-in Q&A session on Fridays at 10 am where we’ll take turns to answer your questions. All sessions will be recorded. You’ll also get access to recorded bite-sized audio and video recordings plus downloadable schedules for planning and marketing your show.

About us

The main thing you’ll get is access to is us! We have decades of experience in podcasting, radio and journalism.

Suzi Dale is the co-founder of Story Publishing, and the producer of Helen Perry's #Justbloodypostit podcast. She's an award-winning radio and podcast producer, who's created work for the BBC and the Prison Radio Association.

Julie-Anna Needham is the founder of Decibel Podcasts and the presenter of Dealcast: the M&A Podcast. She's also the producer of Barclay's award-winning Mortgage Insider podcast and is currently working with Phil Spencer on the new series.