How to start a podcast script


In this episode, we'll explore how to start writing your podcast script. Here are three steps to get you started:


Step 1: Seek Inspiration from Other Podcasts

A simple way to find inspiration for your script is by listening to other podcasts. Most of them begin in a similar way, with the presenter or host saying hello, introducing themselves, and providing an overview of the show's content.

They also introduce the episode and share information about the guests and the topics they'll discuss. This format can serve as a helpful starting point for your own script.


Step 2: Keep it Simple

Avoid overthinking or overcomplicating your script. You don't need to write something elaborate or clever. Remember, this is not a novel or poetry; it's a podcast script.

Write in your own words and use simple language to convey your message effectively.


Step 3: Allow for Ad Libbing

Rather than writing your entire script word-for-word, leave room for some ad libbing. Script the introduction and outro, where you thank your guest and the audience.

However, for the questions and the introduction to your guest (if applicable), allow for a more free-flowing approach. As you gain confidence, you'll find that ad libbing makes your podcast feel more natural and engaging.


Grab the Script Template

Here’s a link to a guest blog that Julie-Anna wrote for which has a script template you can download PDF:

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