How to create shareable podcast audiograms


In this episode, I'm going to be talking about audiograms – those bite-sized audio clips shared from your episodes to hook listeners in. Audiograms provide a taste of what's to come and serve as highly shareable content to reach new audiences and help your podcast grow.


Step One: Don't Be Afraid to Reveal Juicy Content

Don't hesitate to reveal some of the juiciest content in your audiograms. While it's tempting to hold back and save it for the full episode, the goal with audiograms is to make them shareable.

By sharing a killer line or something valuable, you'll entice people to listen to the entire episode. The more your audiograms are shared, the more people will discover your podcast.


Step Two: Design with Clarity

When creating your audiogram, use software like Canva to design a visually appealing image. Include a picture of your guest and their name, especially if they're speaking in the clip. Other essential details to add are the name of your podcast and a catchy title.

Make it easy for viewers to identify you and your podcast at a glance. Consider adding captions to the audiogram, as they can significantly enhance engagement and accessibility.


Step Three: Ensure Quality and Coherence

Pay attention to the audio quality in your audiograms. Ensure that the audio is of good quality and well-edited, making sure it still makes sense even as a standalone clip. Don't treat selecting your audiogram audio as an afterthought.

While listening back through your episode, have a pen and paper handy to note down potential audiogram clips. We want these clips to be highly shareable and engaging content that can be easily shared on social media and with your guests. So, make it a thoughtful process, not an afterthought.

By incorporating these three easy steps into your podcast promotion strategy, you can leverage audiograms to attract new listeners and increase your podcast's reach.



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