How to attract listeners with your podcast artwork


In this episode, we're going to be looking at how to create artwork for your podcast.


Step One: Be Bold and Eye-Catching

Step one is to make sure your artwork is bold and eye-catching. When the image is shrunk down to a tiny thumbnail on a mobile phone, ensure that it's still visible and easy to read. Use bold text and choose a contrasting background to enhance visibility, especially when it's small.

Bright colours tend to stand out and catch the audience's attention. Avoid cluttering the artwork with too much text and branding, as it can become difficult to see and read when reduced in size.


Step Two: Keep it Simple

Keep it simple, especially if you're not a designer. Using tools like Canva can be really useful and easy to create podcast artwork. Canva offers various templates, including podcast-specific ones that you can customise with your brand colours.

While incorporating a great image or photograph of yourself is an option, don't worry if you don't have one. You can always update the artwork later.

Examples of simple podcast artwork include Fearne Cotton's "Happy Place," which features a circular design with colours and the podcast name, and Steven Bartlett's "The Diary of a CEO," which uses a straightforward black background with white writing.


Step Three: Ensure the Right Size and Format

Step three is to make sure your artwork is the right size and format. Podcast artwork should always be square, preferably 3000 pixels square for Apple (you may need to adjust the size for different hosting platforms).

It's crucial to save it in either JPEG or PNG format. If possible, consider supporting other small businesses and hire a designer to create something unique. Always ensure that your artwork complies with Apple podcast guidelines.

Note: Link to Apple podcast guidelines available in the Resources.



Your podcast should comply with Apple Podcasts’ artwork requirements:

Here’s a blog from Buzzsprout on creating podcast artwork:

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