How to plan for the summer holidays as a podcaster


Today, I'm here to tackle the impending summer holidays and discuss the topic of taking a break from your podcast. We all know that July and August are prime times for people to enjoy some well-deserved time off. So, it's crucial to be prepared for this period. As a podcaster, you might be contemplating different options: Will you take a complete hiatus and pick up your podcast again in September? Or perhaps a hybrid approach, where you release partial episodes to give yourself a breather? Maybe you'll stick to your regular podcasting schedule throughout the summer. The key question here is: What are your audience's plans? Who are they, and what do they expect from you? Are they likely to take time off themselves, or do they crave your content during this period?

Should you take a complete break?

To be honest with you, if you decide to drop your podcast entirely and resume in September, expect a temporary dip in your audience. Rebuilding their interest will require effort on your part. It takes time for them to realise you're back and to get back into the habit of listening to your show. Two months is quite a long break. Previous clients I've worked with have experienced a decline in listenership during holiday periods, even when they released some content. People are often preoccupied with their own holiday plans. However, there are a few things I want to share with you.

If you've built a loyal audience, they might be eager to indulge in your content during the holidays, especially if you offer shorter episodes. Longer episodes can be challenging for them to digest, particularly if they have childcare responsibilities while on vacation. So, it's important to consider your audience's preferences and what they truly want from you. Moreover, I'm a firm believer in avoiding burnout and keeping the passion alive in your podcasting journey. If you need a break, take it. Returning in September feeling inspired and refreshed is far better than pushing through and feeling drained.

The hybrid option

Now, let's dive into the hybrid option—an in-between approach that can help you maintain your audience's interest during the holidays without overwhelming yourself. It's a strategy I encourage those I work with to implement. This approach allows you to keep your podcast warm in the hearts of your listeners while you take a well-deserved break. When you return in September, your loyal audience will still be there, waiting for more.

Here are three steps to execute this hybrid option during the holidays:

Step 1: Start by curating a list of ten outstanding episodes you've released over the past six months. These episodes should represent the best of your podcast.

Step 2: Within each episode, identify a captivating ten-minute segment that truly hooks listeners. This segment should reflect the essence of the conversation. Save these segments into a dedicated file. While doing so, copy and paste the corresponding show notes from your hosting platform into the file. Now, you have a collection of ten episodes and their respective show notes.

Step 3: Craft a new short introduction and ending for each episode. Keep it concise, such as "This is a special mini-episode from my podcast, taken from Episode [number]." Remember to record an ending that reminds listeners of the episode's origin and where they can listen to the full version. Include any relevant call-to-action prompts. You've likely already created intros for these episodes earlier in the process, so you can simply copy and paste some parts, making any necessary updates. The main goal here is to let your audience know where they can access the full episode and encourage them to enjoy the captivating ten-minute segment. Once they're hooked, they may be inclined to listen to more episodes, leading to a binge-listening experience.

After completing these steps, refresh your artwork, edit the episodes accordingly, and schedule them for release. Trust me, when September comes around, you'll be grateful for the effort you put into this hybrid approach. If you already have shorter episodes, consider bundling them together. For example, if you've covered a theme like confidence in five episodes, compile them into one special episode and rewrite the introduction accordingly. You could also use this time to address frequently asked questions by spreading the answers throughout the holiday period.

I genuinely hope this episode has provided you with valuable insights. I'd love to hear about your plans for the break. Will you continue podcasting or take the much-needed break you deserve? Let me know!

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