How to use artificial intelligence (AI) in podcasting


There's lots of chatter around at the moment about the use of artificial intelligence or AI in writing. And although I've called the podcast "How to Use AI in Podcasting," it's really about how I use it.

Take these ideas, explore them, or let me know if you use AI in different ways.

You might want to use AI because it really reduces some of the time-consuming jobs, and there are loads of jobs around creating your podcasts that can take lots of time. So I'd say pick the job you need help with the most and then try out some of the AI options. For me, transcribing the show so I can repurpose the content is number one on my list.


Transcribing Your Show for Content Repurposing

Transcribing your show using AI is invaluable for repurposing podcast content into blogs and social media posts. I use it so I can lift direct quotes from my podcast and use them for show notes or for repurposing for things like Pinterest, for instance.

The program I like to use is


Mastering the Audio

The second step to using AI in your podcasting is for mastering the audio. I use Auphonic; it helps me get a great sound when I mix my episodes. It leaves the audio sounding polished and professional, which means that more listeners in the end will stay with you for longer because they won't get distracted by the way your audio sounds.

So, how it works is you buy credits, mix your episode, and then put it all through the program. Just a note here, it does not replace a really great sound engineer, who I think definitely gets a far better mix. But if the budget doesn't stretch to that, then this is definitely a solution for you.


Creating Audiograms for Social Media Content

The third step to using AI for podcasting is to create audiograms for social media content. I use Headliner; it transcribes your clips in-app, adds an image, and you create the audiograms.

They're the little shareable pieces of content that you can share across social media, YouTube, or different places, but it promotes your podcast. If you want to know more about audiograms, check out episode four of this podcast.

There is an option to generate audiograms automatically using Headliner. It uses the AI technology to listen through to the episode and suggest clips that could be used. Again, this isn't something I do, but it is an option.


How To Choose Which AI App To Use

There are lots of other ways to incorporate AI into podcasting. And, like I say, it can really help with those jobs which are time-consuming. But like anything, you may spend more time correcting things like, for instance, the transcriptions.

So I'd suggest choosing the jobs that you find take up most of your time and see what's out there and available to you. Spend your time wisely on the stuff that you love doing.



Read more about AI and podcasting here: and here:

Apps I mention in the podcast:

To create audiograms: Headliner

To master the audio: Auphonic

To transcribe your audio: Otter 

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