How to test your equipment... before you hit record


Before hitting that record button, it's crucial to ensure your equipment is in optimal condition. In this episode, we'll discuss the importance of checking your gear before you start recording.

Even though it may seem obvious, many of us have experienced unexpected issues due to overlooking this step. Let's dive into three quick steps to perform an equipment test before recording.


Step 1: Laptop and Power Check

First and foremost, plug in your laptop or ensure it's fully charged. Recording remotely can drain battery power quickly, so having ample battery life is essential.

Additionally, keep your power cable nearby in case you need to connect it during the recording session. Don't take chances with a low battery.


Step 2: Verify Equipment Availability and Placement

Confirm that you have all the necessary equipment in place and that it's in the correct position. Check for your headphones, microphone, and laptop.

If you live with others, it's possible they may have unknowingly borrowed your headphones. Discovering this before your guest joins the conversation will save you from any last-minute scrambling.


Step 3: Perform a Test Recording

Take a moment to do a test recording and listen back to it. Adjust the recording level to match the volume at which you'll be speaking during the conversation with your guests.

Generally, when interacting with others, your speaking volume is louder than when you're recording solo. This step ensures everything is set up correctly and that the audio quality sounds acceptable.


Timing (and Testing) is Crucial

I recommend performing these equipment checks at least 15 minutes before your scheduled recording time. This allows ample time to identify any missing items, take care of personal needs, prepare a hot drink, and engage in a few warm-up exercises.

Remember, thorough testing is crucial, as you don't want to inform your guest later that something went wrong on your end, requiring a full conversation re-recording. Trust me, I've learned this the hard way.

By investing a few minutes in checking your equipment, you can avoid potential mishaps and deliver a seamless recording experience. Prioritise power and equipment availability, perform a test recording at the appropriate volume, and allocate sufficient time for preparation.

By doing so, you'll minimise the risk of interruptions and ensure a smooth and successful podcast recording session.


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