How to market your podcast - A TAKEOVER with Helen Perry


Today we have a great episode you won't want to miss all about marketing your podcast from marketing expert and our good mate Helen Perry.

She runs her own business teaching creatives to market what they do successfully. And of course she has her own awesome podcast #justbloodypostitpodcast which is about to go into its 7th series with 121 episodes. If you haven't listened yet do check her out it's full of great advice.

So I asked Helen if she'd share what she's learned about marketing her podcast. And you won't want to miss what she says. I'll let Helen take it over...


Hello, my name is Helen Perry. I'm a Marketing teacher, and I mostly work with creative businesses promoting their work online. I have a podcast called The Just Bloody Post It podcast, and Susie, one half of Three Easy Steps, is the show's producer. Today, I'm here to share the top three things I've learned about promoting a podcast.


1. Tell People About Your Show

Podcast discoverability is notoriously difficult. Simply creating and uploading a podcast and hoping for it to take off and attract listeners is wishful thinking. To get more people to listen to your show, you need to actively promote it to your online audience, regardless of its size.

For example, I have a presence on Instagram, email, and LinkedIn, where most of my audience resides. Whenever I release a new episode of Just Bloody Post It, I ensure I have two Instagram reels to share across the week. Additionally, I post about it on my Instagram stories and share details of the episode in my email newsletter. I might even send out an extra stand-alone email about it. The key is consistent promotion every week.


2. Use Video on Social Media

Promoting an audio show on visual platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or LinkedIn can be challenging. Traditional audiogram posts struggle to gain traction with social media algorithms. Instead, consider using video content to promote your podcast. I use the online recording studio, Riverside, which allows me to video my podcast recordings in addition to capturing the sound.

By sharing video clips of my podcast on Instagram, I've noticed a significant increase in views and shares compared to using quotes or audiograms. Spencer Matthews, a podcast host of multiple shows, also highlighted the effectiveness of using video trails to promote his podcasts on social media, doubling the number of listeners he attracts. Embrace video content to reach more listeners.


3. Ask for Help

In nearly every episode of my podcast, I explicitly ask my listeners for support. I encourage them to share the podcast with their friends on social media, leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts, and subscribe to ensure they don't miss any episodes. People aren't mind readers, so don't hesitate to ask for help. Many listeners will be more than happy to share your show if you simply request it.


To successfully promote your podcast, remember these top three lessons: Tell people about your show, use video on social media, and ask for help spreading the word. Consistent effort and engagement with your audience will help your podcast gain the recognition it deserves. Keep talking about it, and you'll see the results.



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