How often should you release your podcast?

Aug 19, 2022
How often should you release your podcast

When starting out in podcasting, you maybe tempted to create a show that you put out every single week. 

But, if you’re doing everything yourself on top of learning the new skills involved, this will soon feel relentless. It’s likely to lead to burnout and abandoning your podcast before you’ve really got started.

So the easiest way to start is to release in series or seasons, taking a break in between.

You can start small, with 6-8 episodes per series, then build this up as you get used to the process and the work/time commitment involved. 

Whilst you may want to release episodes weekly, publishing fortnightly might be more manageable. It largely depends on how your podcast fits into your schedule, and you’ll only know this once you get started. 

Consistency is key, as highlighted in this research carried out by Pacific Content. 

I’d recommend recording in advance of releasing the podcasts (not always possible for a topical show). This will allow you to focus on promotion when the series goes live.

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