Give guests a good experience (and they might become clients)


Hi, it's Jules here. In this episode, I want to talk about how to ensure your guests have a good experience when they come on your show and potentially turn them into clients. This episode is inspired by a talk at the Podcast Show two weeks ago by Ariel Nissen. Black Sea was speaking for a good few minutes, so thanks to them for their contribution.


Step one: Make the conversation enjoyable for your guests

Ask them different questions than those they might have answered elsewhere. Really listen to what your guests are saying and fully engage in the conversation. Don't be looking at your phone or emails while you're speaking to them. If they throw you a bone and tell you something really interesting or share a gem of an anecdote, ask them to elaborate and provide more detail. Enjoy the conversation. If you enjoy speaking to them, they're much more likely to enjoy speaking to you.

Step two: Always book an hour's recording slot with your guests (even if you know it's going to take less time to record)

The magic usually happens once you've stopped recording, as that's when people really open up when the pressure is off. It's when the conversation flows, and they may share something they didn't earlier. They can be more candid because you're no longer recording. You might realize you know the same person, or one of you mentioned an article, program, or another podcast that they should listen to. You might even have a business connection for them.

Step three: Follow up and keep in touch with your guest

Email them to thank them for taking part and share ready-made social media assets that they can put on LinkedIn or Instagram. Share a transcript or a blog post that they can use on their own website and make it easy for them. You can also keep in touch by sharing when the episode has gone live. If your guests enjoy speaking to you and feel like they've gained something from the process, they might become clients, customers, or even friends.

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