How to come up with a great podcast idea which speaks to your audience


Do you want to know how to come up with a brilliant podcast idea? In this episode, I'll share those three steps you can take today to find an idea your audience is going to want to listen to. Here goes.


Step One: Identify Your Expertise

Write down what you talk about day in, day out.

What's your expertise? What do you know about?

The idea what you're going to share on your podcast needs to be the stuff you talk about day in, day out.

It can be the stuff that you bore your friends with, if it's outside of work, but it's got to be your area of expertise, stuff that you know about.

It seems obvious, right? Well, you'll be surprised how many people want to create podcasts that aren't second nature to them. Believe me, they will struggle to keep it going.

And that's what we want. We want to keep producing podcasts with consistency, and that is going to help your podcast grow.


Step Two: Repurpose Your Existing Content

The next step is what can I repurpose? What do you already create that you can repurpose for the podcast? It's all about using stuff that you're already creating, so you're not having to do extra work.

It could be a blog, Instagram content, TikTok videos, whatever it is that you're sharing already. How can you make that into something you can talk about and share as a podcast?


Step Three: Answer Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a creator or have your own business, or you're an expert on something, what are the questions you get asked about all the time? Start jotting them down, add them to a spreadsheet.

By answering these questions in your podcasts. You're going to be adding value to your audience. They are coming to you already. They're asking you questions, what can you answer for them?

 If somebody's asking those questions, you know that many other people will be wanting those answers too.


So there are three steps that you can take now to help get your idea formed. There's loads more to talk about around ideas, and I'll be coming back in other episodes.


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