echo in a podast

Echo: minimalism is not your friend

One of the biggest issues with recording podcasts at home is echo.

Minimalist rooms with bare floors, bare walls and big windows are not great recording locations. Many times I’ve had podcast guests tell me they have the ideal room to record in…which turns out to be a glass meeting room with wooden floors - disaster.

The sound bounces off the bare surfaces and creates a harsh, tinny sound. 

So how can you avoid echo, and what’s the best place to record?

Record in a small room with carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings (cushions, sofas, beds etc). Bedrooms are ideal. The more stuff in the room, the better as it absorbs the sound. I record in my linen cupboard. The sheets and towels minimise echo, helped by some acoustic panels (£29.99 for 24 on Amazon).

Facing an open wardrobe is another good option. This may involve you standing up, which has the additional benefit of being good for breathing and energy levels. 

If you are limited to where you record, put some stuff in front of you: a blanket or towel over your desk; drape towels or blankets over lampshades/chairs/pictures; put cushions up against the wall in front of you, and close blinds or curtains. I use removal blankets with bulldog clips as a temporary option.

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