The easiest way to get started in podcasting (be a guest!)


The easiest way to get started in podcasting is to be a guest on someone else’s show.

This will help you develop your confidence, work out how and where you’re going to record and see how the whole process works (although everyone does things differently).

Here are my three steps to appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast:


Step 1: Make a List of Shows

Make a list of shows where you can add value and be realistic here. Start off with people you know, then look further afield through professional associations or organisations. For example, if you’re a coach you could find other coaches you may have worked with or referred work to previously. You can look abroad (if you’re in the UK, approach others in Ireland, the US, Canada and Australia). 

Before you get in touch with anyone make sure your website and LinkedIn profile are up to date so that it’s obvious what your area of expertise is, so that people you approach know what you can talk about.


Step 2: Approach Hosts

Approach hosts and make your approach personal. Tell them what you like about their work or their show. Have a short pitch you can send them outlining what you can talk about and what you can contribute to their show. Share links to webinars or podcasts you’ve been on previously (but make this easy for them to view or listen to these).

If you don’t have links to recorded work, record a voice note or video note to send them as this will enable them to hear how you sound and what your audio quality’s like. Also tell them about how you will help promote that episode (your social media reach, your email list etc).

If you can’t find someone’s email address, approach them through LinkedIn (and LinkedIn Premium allows you to message people directly even if you don’t have any mutual connections).


Step 3: Sign Up for a Podcast Guesting Service

Sign up for a podcast guesting service where you offer to be a guest on someone else’s show. There are some free ones, such as The Podcast Network on Facebook. But you might have more luck with the paid-for ones such as Podcmatch, Podcast Guests and Podchaser Connect.

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