How to create short podcasts


Today, I want to discuss how to create super short podcasts, specifically those under five minutes in length. These podcasts are an excellent way to connect with your audience and require less time to produce. Hilary from the Everyday Storyteller is a great example of someone who effectively utilises this format.

She creates podcasts under five minutes every day, focusing on storytelling and its application in branding and business. These short episodes serve as prompts for the audience to reflect on various topics.

Coaches and individuals seeking to share their knowledge can benefit greatly from this approach.

Here are three steps to help you create super short podcasts:

1. Repurpose content

Start by identifying content that can be repurposed easily. Consider ideas or tips you typically share on social media and break them down into single points or ideas for each episode.

Avoid overwhelming your audience with excessive information in five-minute episodes. Instead, focus on one idea per episode to captivate your listeners. By presenting one idea at a time, you can hook your audience and encourage them to listen to more episodes.

Since you likely already have the content, simply break it down into easily digestible chunks for your audience. Remember, it's best to feature only one voice in these episodes, typically your own.


2. Recording approach

For recording, aim for a conversational tone. One method is to record your voice and ideas directly into the notes or voice recorder app on your phone. This allows you to recreate the spontaneous nature of a voice note to a friend. Begin by recording your thoughts, then go back to tweak and add details as needed. This approach helps maintain a natural and engaging podcasting style.


3. Planning and batching

Planning is key when creating a batch of short podcasts. Consider recording sessions where you can create around 10 episodes at a time. Set up your recording space and aim for efficiency by batching the recording process.

Additionally, having a clear plan on your computer outlining the topics and flow of your podcasts can help you quickly produce and streamline the editing process.

Effective planning enables you to create and release short podcasts consistently.


Starting with super short podcasts allows you to showcase your expertise, connect with your audience, and help them become accustomed to your speaking style and tone. Furthermore, by reducing production time, this format is manageable and provides an excellent way to create engaging content.

Remember to recreate the feeling of sharing voice notes with a friend, ensuring that your podcasts are helpful and focused on relevant topics. The short length also allows listeners to binge on multiple episodes, getting hooked on your ideas and style. Embrace this approach as a fantastic way to create valuable content.

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