Changes to hosting platform Anchor


In this episode, we'll be discussing the recent changes made to the podcast hosting platform Anchor. On March 8th, Spotify announced significant updates to its podcasting services, including further integration with Anchor.

Let's explore three key things you need to know about these changes and how they will impact you.


1. New Name: Anchor is now Spotify for Podcasters

The first major change is that the name "Anchor" has been replaced with "Spotify for Podcasters." If you try to access the Anchor page, you will automatically be redirected to the Spotify for Podcasters platform.


2. Improved Mobile App for Enhanced Interactivity

Accompanying the new name, there is also a new mobile app that offers users greater interactivity with their audience. This includes the ability to ask your listeners to respond to a question, which will appear in the episode description or show notes if they are listening through Spotify. Additionally, you can create polls to complement your podcast episode, visible in the episode description, but only for listeners on Spotify. These interactive features are available both on the mobile app and through the Spotify for Podcasters site on your laptop.


3. Familiarity and Free Access

Despite these changes, most of the hosting platform remains the same. Your account and podcast episodes will still be intact, and you can log in using the same credentials. Once you're on the main pages of the website, you'll notice little difference. The episode creation and editing pages have a similar interface. It's worth noting that these updates, including the new interactivity tools, continue to be offered for free.


With the rebranding of Anchor to Spotify for Podcasters, the introduction of an improved mobile app, and the retention of familiar features, these changes aim to enhance your podcasting experience. Embrace the new interactivity tools, engage with your audience, and continue creating great content using the updated Spotify for Podcasters platform.

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