How to get the most out The Podcast Show in London

if you are a podcaster in the UK you’ll know the biggest podcasting show is happening in London on 24th-25th May. We went last year and so we wanted to share our thoughts on it and how you can get the most out of the show if you’re going.

(Side note if you’re not going - we will be sharing our key takeaways in a future episode of Podcasting in 3 Easy Steps… so you don’t have to move a muscle!)

But if you’ve grabbed yourself a ticket… Here are my 3 things you’ll want to do:

1. Pick just a few sessions you want to go to each day.

The programme of talks is already available online and there’s loads to do and see.  Have a read through and decide what you’ll get the most out of. If you are already creating podcasts it might not be the big headline names – it may be a session that will really help you with a certain aspect of your podcasting.

2. Factor in quiet time.

Meet ups for coffee with fellow creators and people in your community. Use it as a chance to nurture and build  your community - plus it’s a chance to tell people about your podcast. The show is in a massive space with lots of areas you can catch up and plot your next podcast episode. You could even record one there.

3. Take time to visit the stands

Its easy to think that it’s all about the talks but this is a great opportunity to explore new technology and devices that make your podcasting easier. Try things out, get yourself a goody bag and make sure you factor in time to explore what’s new.

Update: We went to the show - and it was wonderful and exhausting at the same time. Here is a quick reel of our experience!

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