£399.00 GBP

Step by Step to Podcast Launch 🚀 Single Payment Option

If you’re serious about launching a podcast in 2024, then join us from 16th January. We’ll take you through each step you need to take to get your podcast off the ground. We’ll provide the support you need to help you overcome the challenges of podcast launching.

We understand the pain points of getting started - from initial overwhelm to feeling like you’re in the dark about the equipment you need, through to how to minimise editing, uploading your show and marketing it.

You'll learn how to:

  • Plan your show
  • Choose a name
  • Create artwork
  • Book guests
  • Choose equipment
  • Record good-quality audio
  • Basic editing techniques
  • How to create a hosting platform
  • How to upload your podcast
  • Get it on Apple and Spotify
  • Create a workable promotion plan

What People Are Saying:

I knew absolutely nothing about podcasting and was so overwhelmed with where to start it was stopping me diving in. This course was the perfect fit as it took me through the basics step by step and has given me a solid grounding in what I need to know.

Hannah Pearn - host of the fertility podcast, Don't Tell Me To Relax